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Dear Board – Please Check the Balance Sheet

“A director should not only be familiar with the content of the organization’s books and records, but should also assure that they are accurate.” -Guide for Charity Board Members, Office of Minnesota Attorney General. Financial statements prepared from an organization’s bookkeeping records are used to provide financial information to decision makers to help them make…

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Boldly Flipping Eggs

Eggs cannot be flipped intact without being bold. Seriously, have you tried? I’ve been thinking a great deal these days about what constitutes bravery and what it means to go forth boldly into home, work, and life in a thoughtful and respectful manner. What do eggs and bravery have to do with a business-oriented website?…

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Substance, not lip service

Have you ever been asked the question:  “If you could have dinner with five people, who would they be?”  From a business aspect, one of my personal choices would be Peter Drucker.  Peter Drucker was a wise and sought-after management consultant.  He encouraged leaders to think about mission, long-term vision, objectives and guiding principles.  He anticipated some…

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For love or money?

Do you wake up with enthusiasm for the day or do you often drag yourself out of bed wondering how you will make it through yet another day? When people love what they do, or are deeply committed to the mission of their organization, they wake up excited to see what opportunities the day has…

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Gratitude for acts of human kindness and goodness

Today, July 23, is a day I choose to celebrate a day of thanksgiving.  A day for me to specifically take time to express gratitude for life’s significant blessings of good health, the love of family, and the joy of sharing time with friends. It is also a day I celebrate the blessing of those…

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Increase your worth; find solutions

Today, instead of working so hard to prove your own worth, try today, working with a cooperative spirit.  Set your ego aside; team up with someone else and come up with an idea or find a solution that will benefit the greater good.

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